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28. June 2017 Hello, can I get the C-section Set in another maternity hospital in Prague or only at ICMC? Jarmila

Hello Jarmila,

At the moment, the C-section Set is only available at the ICMC in Prague-Podolí. It is a project by the hospital to help their patients prevent any complications. If any other maternity hospital is interested in such a premium package, we are open to suggestions.

28. June 2017 Hello, I noticed an ad for the Hyalobarrier gel on the TV in the waiting room and I was also given a leaflet by the nurse who registered me for the delivery. I am considering buying the set, but I’m hesitating because of the price – it’s not exactly cheap. How much money can I save as opposed to buying the components of the set individually? Zdena K.

Hello Zdena,

You are right – the set is available for ICMC patients at a special price. You will save more than 1,500 CZK.

28. June 2017 Good afternoon, I’m not quite sure if I understand what the “baby wrap” means. What is it? Petra Nová, Prague

Hello Petra,
The “baby wrap” is a wrap that you can use as a blanket to put your baby on when you’re changing diapers or when you go to see your doctor so that the baby is always on a clean surface. You can use it for two or three months at home or while you’re still in the hospital. The baby hat is something you can keep as a nice and practical souvenir.

28. June 2017 Hello, I am a bit confused about the different band-aids. How will I know which one to use and when? Jana Vavřincová

Hello Jana,
Don’t worry! You will receive the first band-aid (the first dressing to help in the scar formation process) when changing the dressing on the day of your ultrasound checkup and it’s a white plaster with an absorbent pad. You’ll get the second of these plasters during the next change of dressing, usually when you’re discharged from the hospital or when you’re already back home.
Once the wound has healed, you can use the other straw-colored dressing, which doesn’t have any pad and you can cut it as needed. This dressing will help with the scar healing process to achieve the best cosmetic result and make the scar as inconspicuous as possible.

28. June 2017 Hello, I’d like to ask how to use the Hyalobarrier gel against adhesions from the C-section Set. I don’t want to get it wrong. Vlasta H.

Hello Vlasta,

A nurse will prepare the Hyalobarrier gel for the operating room and when your baby is born, the gel will be applied to the sutured wound in your uterus where it will create a barrier between the tissues and prevent any adhesions from forming. In other words, you don’t need to worry at all about the gel application, because you won’t be the one who applies it. PLEASE REMEMBER TO REMIND THE STAFF THAT YOU HAVE THE SET AND GIVE YOUR HYALOBARRIER GEL TO THEM BEFORE THE DELIVERY.

28. June 2017 Dobrý den, chtěla bych se zeptat jak použít Hyalobarrier gel, protisrůstový prostředek ze Setu pro císařský řez. Nerada bych něco pokazila. Vlasta H.

Dobrý den,

Hyalobarrier gel z balíčku nachystá se sestra na operační sál a po narození miminka Vám bude aplikován na sešitou ránu na děloze. Tímto se mezi tkáněmi vytvoří bariéra a tím se zabrání vzniku srůstů. Takže Vy se s gelem (v rozbalené formě) nedostanete vůbec do styku. JE OVŠEM NUTNÉ, ABYSTE NA POŘÍZENÍ SETU UPOZORŇOVALA PERSONÁL A HYALOBARRIER GEL JIM PŘEDALA JEŠTĚ PŘED PORODEM.

28. June 2017 Hello, what should I do with the C-section Set after I pick it up at the pharmacy? Where should I store it? Should I give it to someone, or keep it in my room? Tereza V.

Hello Tereza,

When you check-in to the hospital, please give the package to the nurse at your ward who will label it with your name and make sure that it’s stored in the fridge and ready for your delivery in the operating room. Alternatively, the Hyalobarrier gel can stay with you, in which case YOU take it to the operating room. The dressing will be used during the dressing change after your ultrasound checkup. If you are taken straight to the operating room, please remind everyone that you’ve got the C-section Set. With almost 5,000 deliveries each year, there could be a mix-up – let’s prevent it by letting everybody know that you’ve got the set! ;o)