Premium services at CMC
Services not paid by public health insurance


Canadian Medical Care is a private health facility that provides outstanding healthcare services to its patients. The origins of the current CMC date back to 1995 when the Canadian Medical Centre was established by a conglomerate of private Canadian health facilities (MED-EMERG Inc.) in Ontario, Canada.


We are committed to providing comprehensive healthcare through our team of medical professionals who cover numerous specialties, first-rate equipment, and the pleasant environment of our clinics in Prague 4 and Prague 6. Besides our GPs and pediatricians, we also offer the services of ophthalmologists, allergists, gynecologists, and practitioners from alternative medicine fields, such as homeopathy and acupuncture.



Our gynecology clients receive outstanding care from our expert physicians, regardless of whether their healthcare is covered by our partner Czech and foreign insurance companies or they are private patients.


The Canadian Medical Care gynecology outpatient clinic provides both general gynecology care and pregnancy and childbirth care. We are proud of the high level of our services, our physicians’ expertise, and our sensitive and customized approach to the individual needs of our clients. Our customized approach to our patients includes an appointments system and arranging childbirth care in our partner maternity hospital (Institute for the Care of Mother and Child, Prague-Podolí).



When pregnant CMC clients give birth at ICMC, they can take advantage

of the C-section Set offer at a special price.